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EzoBed Standard Mattress

$ 179.99

EzoBed Standard Mattress
EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress EzoBed Standard Mattress

$ 179.99

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It’s no surprise that memory foam mattresses consistently score high for customer satisfaction. Your EzoBed gel-infused memory foam mattress is extremely comfortable.

Pain relief - Our clients report that EzoBed provides pain free nights.

It will support you gently and uniformly. It’s not too soft - not too firm – it’s just right - think Goldilocks. You’ll avoid painful pressure points and enjoy deep, restful sleep. Your EzoBed is constructed with the highest quality materials and offered at reasonable prices - - thus providing you an awesome mattress value. Your health and safety are a prime concern with EzoBeds. We have had independent laboratories certify that our mattresses contain the highest quality memory foam and are treated to be anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and fire resistant.


EzoBed mattresses are available is several thicknesses:

  • 6” and 8” – well suited for children, teens and smaller adults
  • 10” and 12” – ideal for average size adults
  • 12” and 14” – designed to provide comfort and durability for couples and larger folks 

All the models provide a medium firm support. Long-term durability is increased with increased thickness, especially for couples. 


SLEEP PERFECTED - You will feel the joy of a comfortable night’s sleep, night after night, on your memory foam mattresses. We have been designing mattresses for over 30 years. Working with customers like you, we have mastered an ideal balance of high quality cooling gel-infused memory foam layers for our luxury mattresses. Our whole family sleeps on our comfy mattresses. 
Designed for value - high quality materials at a reasonable price

LOWER PRICE – You benefit because we are a small family run business with low overhead. We have negotiated low prices with our long-term suppliers. We prefer to offer high quality mattresses to everyone at fair prices. You’re buying years of deep sleep in a comfy bed at a reasonable price. 

PURITY AND SAFETY – You will enjoy a healthy sleep. All of our foams are certified CertiPUR–US meaning they conform to the highest health safety standards. Textiles are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for the utmost in health safety. 

CONVENIENT DELIVERY – Delivered right to your doorstep. Simply unbox, cut the plastic, enjoy seeing your mattress slowly expand before your eyes. Allow 2 or 3 days for your new mattress to expand fully and any new product smell to dissipate. 

DO NOT DISTURB – You will enjoy undisturbed sleep - - you won’t feel it when your partner tosses or turns. 

COOL - Our mattresses are designed to draw heat away from the sleep surface. 

KEEP IT CLEAN – You can keep your bed fresh and clean with our soft, removable, breathable Jacquard cover. 

DURABILITY - Our beds are designed to last and will remain comfy for years.

Bed frame not included


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Sleep Well for a Change

At EzoBed, we believe every person deserves to sleep on a clean, comfortable bed. Not only will you experience a great night's rest on an EzoBed, but we will also donate 1 new mattress for every 10 purchased. Your smart choice is creating social change.
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