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Our Remove & Recycle Program

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EzoBed give Customer Returns new life with our Remove & Recycle™ program:



At EzoBed, we strive to create positive change in our communities. As part of this effort, we place gently-used mattress returns with families in need through local donation centers, transitional housing, and homeless shelters.
We pay for your mattress to be recycled into new, useful products at a local recycling center.  We partner with the Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress Program to ensure that our customer-returned mattresses do not join the more than 50,000 mattresses discarded into landfills each day.

mattress recycling program mattress recycling uses

According to the Mattress Recycling Council, each year, almost 40 million new mattresses are sold in the United States – and at least 20 million used mattresses are discarded.

Recycling provides a number of essential benefits:

  • Conserves resources by making used steel, foam and other materials available for use in new products
  • Reduces reliance on incinerators and landfills by diverting mattresses from the waste stream
  • Reduces the number of illegally dumped mattresses
  • Creates recycling jobs

More than 80% of a used mattress’ components can be recycled and made into new useful products:

  • The foam can be turned into carpet underlayment or animal bed padding.
  • The wooden frames can be shredded to produce landscaping mulch.
  • The cotton and other fiber can be used in industrial oil filters and other textile applications.

Our EzoGive™ Program

As a customer, you are the foundation of our unique EzoGive™ program. Not only will you experience a great night’s rest on an EzoBed, but we will also donate one new mattress to a community homeless shelter for every 10 purchased. This kind of donation can truly transform neighborhoods in your community over time, increasing shelter capacity and providing much needed, comfortable sleep to those who need it most. With EzoBed, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that others also will benefit from your choice. (Programs where available.) Learn more>>

Sleep Well for a Change

At EzoBed, we believe every person deserves to sleep on a clean, comfortable bed. Not only will you experience a great night's rest on an EzoBed, but we will also donate 1 new mattress for every 10 purchased. Your smart choice is creating social change.
Learn more>>