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Bed Yoga in Your LunaBed

Doing Yoga before going to sleep is a natural way to relax tension in your muscles and ease your mind for a deeper night’s sleep.  So leave that mat in your Yoga bag and do some Bed Yoga tonight…

Step 1: Jump in your favorite PJ’s 

Step 2: Shift the pillows and bed linens to the side, so you have a safe, flat surface 

Step 3: Begin your Bed Yoga practice

 1.  Ananda Balasana – Happy Baby Pose


bed yoga - happy baby

A great stretch to loosen muscles in lower back and hips.

Lie flat on your back, bring knees to your chest, grab your big toes, and gently pull so that your knees drop toward the outer sides your chest.  Take five deep breaths, then release.  Repeat.

2.  Baddha Konasana - Butterfly Pose


bed yoga butterfly

This pose opens your hips and strengthens your lower back.  Sit up straight with your knees bent and place the soles of your feet together.  Hold your feet with your hands.  Keeping your back as straight as possible, bend forward over your feet.  Hold for five deep breaths, then release.  Repeat. 

3.  Ardha Matsyendrasana - Half Spinal Twist


bed yoga half spinal twist

    While still sitting, bring your right knee over your left leg, which should still be bent.  Then turn your torso and head to the right.  Hold this pose, taking five deep breaths, then release.  Repeat. 

    Then switch legs, turn to the opposite side, and hold while taking five deep breaths, then release.  Repeat. 

    4.  Adho Mukha Virasana - Downward Facing Hero


    bed yoga downward facing hero

      This pose reduces tension in the back and is often used in physical therapy.  Sit on your heels,  bend forward over your thighs, stretch your arms in front of you and place your forehead on the bed.  Relax.  Hold for minimum of twenty seconds, taking deep breaths while stretching forward as you relax into the posture.

      5.  Get some Zzzz’s


      With your Bed Yoga completed, relax and fall into blissful night’s sleep on your LunaBed. Awaken refreshed and energized. 

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