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Out With the Old, In with the New

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Out With the Old, In with the New
 The Importance of a New Mattress and Your New Relationship
"A friend gave me some advice--which at first seemed kind of weird.
She said that Jon and I needed to start our marriage with a brand-new mattress.
And she was right!"-- Sarah, a newlywed.

Let's face it, too many people are sleeping on old mattresses. They have been collecting dust for years and have lost their durability and comfort. Many times, new couples continue sleeping on these worn out, pre-marital mattresses when they would be better suited beginning the next phase of their relationship with a clean and fresh one. If you are about to enter into wedded bliss, or you're moving in with your partner, it’s time to let go of the past and begin creating a fresh, bedroom journey with a new mattress!

 No Sleep, No Peace.

As mentioned, old mattresses are exactly that: old! They become uncomfortable over time, thus leading to sleep that is less than perfect. We are all familiar with the consequences that lack of sleep has on the body. Sleep deprivation affects almost every aspect of life, including relationships. Couples are already stressed out over money, bills, and their children. They don't need the added stress or agitation that follows poor sleep. No one likes waking up next to someone who hasn't slept well and wakes up grumpy on the wrong side of the bed!

The Power of Energy

For those of you interested or fluent in the ways of feng shui (or, if you're not!), old mattresses harbor old energy. Getting rid of the old mattress removes the energy from old partners and past memories, as well the energy of any previous owners of said mattress. These old energies may not have your best interest at heart, especially if they are attached to those of past long-term relationships. Purchasing a new mattress allows for a fresh start with your partner and creates a new, more positive energy each night you lay your heads to rest.

Expanding on the idea of feng shui, moving your bed so you have a clear view of the doorway provides a sense of security. This bed position, known as the "command position" prevents you from becoming startled when someone enters the room. In addition, it adds harmony to the atmosphere and invites an open door to positive energy.

Ahh, the energy in the bed is now all yours and your new love's. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Size Does Matter

A full-size bed does not fully allow adequate room for both you and your partner, so a queen-sized bed is recommended. However, this 54x70" full-sized mattress may work if the two of you like to be extra snuggly. If this is your first time sharing a bed with someone, this size helps each of you have your own space. We all know that sleeping alone usually leads to spreading out across the entire bed. This larger mattress provides enough room for each of you to sleep comfortably as you adjust to your new sleeping partner.

A king-sized bed is 76-80" in size. This means that you'll have more than enough room for the two of you. If your partner is tall, you can order an extended size, adding 4-5 inches at the foot of the bed. The disadvantage of a king-sized mattress is that it is made up of two twin foundations, which you can sometimes feel while in the bed.

Memory foam mattresses are sought out for added comfort, though the idea of them being overly expensive is a common misconception. This is not always true! These comfy mattresses can be purchased at an affordable price.

Rest Assured 

You and your love need to unwind and get some good rest to recharge for the coming day. It's important that when you hit the sheets, they're over a clean and healthy mattress. Who doesn't want to cuddle up with the one they love after a long, grueling day?

Happy Mattress Hunting from Lunabed, to you!


Sleep Well for a Change

At EzoBed, we believe every person deserves to sleep on a clean, comfortable bed. Not only will you experience a great night's rest on an EzoBed, but we will also donate 1 new mattress for every 10 purchased. Your smart choice is creating social change.
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